Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Premature wrinkles

No woman wants to get premature wrinkles, and going to the spa everyday to get rid of them is really expensive. If you use makeup on your cheeks and eyes; apply it in an upward motion. Pulling your skin is a quick way to get wrinkly skin. Pulling it up pulls it less than any other way. Another way to stay clear away from wrinkles is to stay out of the sun or apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Clean your skin well every three days or twice a week.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Makeup perfections

Let's talk makeup tips! Makeup is supposed to look some what natural. So don't pile on the green and blue eye shadow. *** For daytime looks go for a mellow shade. Browns, pinks, and oranges are the best ways to go.*** For evening looks makeup can be more dark. In dark lighting the darker the makeup is the more it will be noticeable. ***Eyeliner is good for bringing out your eyes.*** Eyelashes don't look natural when they are clumpy. ***To perfect your look, use a machanical mascara wand.*** These can transform a messy clump into gorgeous and defined masterpeices. Just like eyeshadow lipstick may not be the best idea in the daytime. ***For a more natural look carry around some light lipgloss or a lip pumper.*** In the night feel free to go heavy on the makeup though! Just make sure you can get it off at night. You should never go to bed with makeup on. It is not healthy for your skin. If you wear makeup for too long it will sink into your skin. Even glitter can be dangerous. The particals will go into your skin and stay there. ***Blush looks good at any time.*** Enjoy these tips! Now you can look fabulous without even trying!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Keeping up your natural beauty can be difficult. Here are some steps to take to make you beautiful behind the makeup.

* Take a multivitamin every day.
* Exfoliate at least once a week.
* Drink 12 cups of water every day.