Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Premature wrinkles

No woman wants to get premature wrinkles, and going to the spa everyday to get rid of them is really expensive. If you use makeup on your cheeks and eyes; apply it in an upward motion. Pulling your skin is a quick way to get wrinkly skin. Pulling it up pulls it less than any other way. Another way to stay clear away from wrinkles is to stay out of the sun or apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Clean your skin well every three days or twice a week.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Makeup perfections

Let's talk makeup tips! Makeup is supposed to look some what natural. So don't pile on the green and blue eye shadow. *** For daytime looks go for a mellow shade. Browns, pinks, and oranges are the best ways to go.*** For evening looks makeup can be more dark. In dark lighting the darker the makeup is the more it will be noticeable. ***Eyeliner is good for bringing out your eyes.*** Eyelashes don't look natural when they are clumpy. ***To perfect your look, use a machanical mascara wand.*** These can transform a messy clump into gorgeous and defined masterpeices. Just like eyeshadow lipstick may not be the best idea in the daytime. ***For a more natural look carry around some light lipgloss or a lip pumper.*** In the night feel free to go heavy on the makeup though! Just make sure you can get it off at night. You should never go to bed with makeup on. It is not healthy for your skin. If you wear makeup for too long it will sink into your skin. Even glitter can be dangerous. The particals will go into your skin and stay there. ***Blush looks good at any time.*** Enjoy these tips! Now you can look fabulous without even trying!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Keeping up your natural beauty can be difficult. Here are some steps to take to make you beautiful behind the makeup.

* Take a multivitamin every day.
* Exfoliate at least once a week.
* Drink 12 cups of water every day.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eye care

Here are some ways to pamper yourself and keep your eyes looking young and fresh. You can use potatoe slices on your eyes. Cucumbers also work well. They sooth your eyelids, and whiten the skin around them, bringing out your eyes. Never go to sleep while wearing eye makeup. Also be sure to not stretch out your eye lids when applying makeup. This causes premature wrinkles. You can try to use a Q-tip or your finger to press on the crease of your eye. This creates a taunt eye without creating the wrinkles.

Perfect hair volume

Need that extra push in the back? Is you hair too limp to fill out the features of your face? Try theese tips to have you looking gorgeous in simple steps.

In the back

If the back of your head is too flat:

Part your hair down the middle of your crown. Next take a rat-tail comb and tease a section in the back. Tease more sections at the back of your head until there is a large messy lump. Now pull sections from the middle and front back over the lump. Then hold in place with one hand while spraying with the other.

At the bottoms

If your hair is straight and tinning at the bottom:

Spray with a moisturiser just at the bottom. Now take a rat-tail comb and pull half of your hair on the top up. Next teasethe remaining hair at the bottoms. Let the rest of your hair down. Take a straightener and straighten the hair that is not teased on top. Straighten from just below the roots to the bottom, curving the bottom in as your reach it.

These tips should help you get the great-looking hair that you deserve!

Friday, June 20, 2008

How to wash your hair correctly

Healthy hair is maintained only by how well you wash it. Here is the correct way to wash your hair, while leaving it shiny, full of volume, and silky.

~ Comb hair thoroughly.

~ Squirt a small puddle of shampoo into your hand.

~ Apply to scalp (top of head).

~ Wash well (nly from top of hair to middle, the ends will become dry if washed).

~ Rinse thouroughly.

~ Repeat all steps (the first time is for washing, and the second time is for shine and ridding the hair of any excess dead skin cells in the hair).

~ Apply a genorous ammount of conditioner from the ends of your hair to the middle. You do not want your scalp tp be greasy.

~ Pull hair back into a ponytail, bun, or put it in a showercap.

~ Release hair after five minutes.

~ Comb hair through with wide tooth comb.

~ Rinse thouroughly.

Now enjoy your new shiny and silky-smooth hair with tons of volume!


%Skincare tip#1: Drink at least 10 cups of water a day. Hydrating your skin is the most important tip!

Skincare tip #2: Eat at least 3 servings of fruit and vegetables every day! Your skin needs the essential vitamins in plants.

Skincare tip #3: Wash your skin every day and exfoliate every week. New skin cells can't be made if there is nowhere to put them. Rub and scrub all of the dead cells away!

Skincare tip#4: Stay out of the sun as much as possible. Or you can use an spf of at least 40. The sun creates wrinkles in your skin, and it dehydrates your entire body.

Skincare tip #5: Get at least 10 hours of sleep. Or at least try! When we sleep our bodies rebuild cells and replace dead ones.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Skin whitening

There are some home remedies that are said to whiten your skin. However not all of them do a very good job. A lot of times they leave splots on your skin. I would recomend a skin whitening product. GirLite Girindus has a a nice skin whitening product. It may be costy but it will definately show results!

Good quality clothes

When you go to try on a clothing item when you are shoping, you should always check the fabric. Try to stretch it out with your hands. If you can hear the strings break then the cloth is no good. Next try it on. Spread out your arms and legs, move around, put your arms behind your back, and maybe jump a little. Some clothes stretch out and get ruined when you move around. Just becuase its cute does not mean it will last.

The best appliction

Great brushes make for a great application. When you get a makeup kit always through out the brushes that come with it. Even the best companies want to save money on brushes, so they use the cheapest ones to put in your kit. The best breushes are natrually the most expensive, so don't be afraid to splurge on them! It is very unlikely to find a great set of brushes for a nice price. Keep this advice close to mind the next time you go shopping for cosmetics. Great brushes are easy to use, and easy to make your application look like its a million bucks!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A new look for a safisticated summer

New stylish jeans are one of the must haves this summer. Jeans that are made to wear at night, that won't cause you to sweat, that aren't too tight on your legs. Well the new style must have jean this summer is perfect for all of your needs! Wide legs! These are fantastic, and they can be worn at night, or in the daytime. They aren't too hot. They are just right! Also if you have short or tall legs they make them seem shorter or taller depending on your height. They also slim them down a bit! Have fun shopping!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The fit diet tip

Keeping or getting skinny is one of those things that every woman wants. Try buying a really nice, hot dress that you can just barely fit into. Then when you are tempted to eat something when you are not hungry go try on the dress. Think about how you like your feel in it, and the temptation will be gone like that!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Olive oil

Olive oil is great for your skin, and you skin benifits from the many vitamins it contains.

Try rubbing olive oil onto your
skin before exfoliating or a shower.
It makes yours kin smooth and soft. Make sure that you scrub it all off becuase it can change the color of your skin to a yellowish color. Other than that precaution there is nothing else in the olive oil that can make your skin less than beautiful and charming with a lovely glow.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beautiful cat eyes!

Cat eyes look great! Well, only if you do them correctly. Here is how:

Stretch your eyelid out sideways, and hold with one of your fingers. With a liquid eyeliner, move accross the outside of the top lid, and extend out only a little bit. If it is extended too much use a Q-tip with soap and water to remove the end. Make the ends thinner as you go out, and the center slightly thicker. Then line the bottom with the same eyeliner. Only go until the extended part. Do NOT overlap the extended part or you will have too think of a line at the sides. Then take a light brown or any color that matches your skin tone, and add a little body shimmer. Mix this on the back of your hand until it is shimmery. Then add it above the eyliner, anc be careful to not smudge it! Only apply until the crease. Now you have a fantastic cat eye look!

Top accessories to make your outfit fashionable

No matter what you are wearing, accessories are the most important thing. They jazz up any look into something hot. Here are some that will do that instantly!

#1 A stylish handbag

#2 Gold hoop earings

#3 Big bracelets and neclaces

#4 Big sunglasses

#5 Peeoptoe pumps or peeptoe flats with a bow

These accessories will make your looks great for the summer!

Style jeans

The most stylish jeans are the skinny jeans. Skinny jeans can show off your lovely legs. You don't have to have long skinny legs either! The skinny leg at the bottom makes your legs look longer and skinnier. Skinny jeans with a lot of details on the back pockets are really stylish, but usually a lot more exspensive. Here is a little trick to make any plain pair of skinny jeans hot!

You can glue on some accessories on the pockets, and sew on stylish patterns. Try matching a cute belt with a puffed top tucked in. This is a very stylish look and can easily be mastered. Have fun looking hot!

Essential oil

Essential oils smell great on your skin! However; not only does it smell so sweet, but it is also great for your skin. Essential oils soften your skin as well as close up those pesky pores. Essential oils should always be used in the bath though. This is becuase the oils are so concentrated that they are a little too strong for your skin. Put a few drops into a hot bath and soak for a while. Enjoy yourself! Now you have no excuse, you can smell great with the softest skin.

Applying eyeliner tips

1 When lining the bottom lid, only use liquid eyeliner. Greasy eyeliner smudges more frequently.

2 Only use black eyeliner. Other colors distract the attention from the entire eye to just the liner and make you look overdone.

3 Do not ever make the line too thick! This automatically makes you looks overdone and they eye becomes a harsh part of the face. It can also give the impression that your eyes have dark patches under them. You want to look great not dead!

Grease and crease free moisturizer

When applying makeup, you always want to start out with a great moisturizer. My personal favorite is from Revlon. They just came out with a fnatasic new Touch and Glow Moisturizing Makeup. It's only about six dollars. It gives the skin a healthy looking glow that no other makeup can give without making you look greasy, but this product is grease and crease free! It is a great product to buy so I hope you get a chance to try it out. I say go for it! It's definately worth it!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fruit; the magic food

Fruit increases your beauty as well as decrease your weight. Sounds like it's too good to be true, but it's not! Fruit has a healthy amount of sugar in it, and has a lot of vitamins that are exceptionally good for your skin. Fruit is low in calories, and it gives you energy without the fat! Fruit has no starch or flour or grain! So what you see is what you get when it comes to carbs! What I like to call complex carbs (which are found in meant, dairy products, and white grains) have very low nutritious values and make you fat! Fruit has no complex carbs in it. A healthy amount of fruit would be 3-5 servings a day. You may be suprised, but back in the caveman generation people ate almost mothing but fruit, and they lived longer and healthier lives (and they had NO obesity problems!)

How to find a healthy weight for you

For women weight should be under that of men becuase of muscle mass. Here is an easy way to caculate it. Allow 105 pounds for every 5 feet. If you are taller than 5 feet then you subtract 5 pounds per inch. If you are shorter than 5 feet, then add 5 pounds for every inch.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Revlon super-lustrous lipstick

Revlon's new cream lipstick is really nice. It goes on your lips without any smearing or breaking. It has a gorgeous color to it, and it also lasts longer than alot of lipsticks that I've used. It doesn't create creases on your lips, and it keeps your lips nice and moist. It is not too bright, yet it gives the lips a great tone. It gives the lips a natural rosy look without making it too obvious.


Your eyes are a very important part of the face. If they are red or puffy it can bring down your face, and give you a depressed and unhealthy look. You can use cucumbers to place on your eyes to reduce swealing and redness. You can put a couple of drops of cool water in them also. My eyes are always red, and my favorite way to get rid of that is to use grean tea. I cool down wet teabags, or I put some boiled tealeaves into a papertowel and steam my eyes. These tips halp a lot, but the best way to keep your eyes healthy is getting at least 9 hours of sleep every night.

A color that best suits you!

Alot of eople have a favorite color that they look great in. If you have'nt found that special color yet don't give up!

Small bust:
Padded bra
Popped out details on the breat of your clothing(pockets?)
Wear a tanktop underneath any shirt

Large bust:
Don't show too much cleavage
Wear clothes that aren't too tight
Wear a shirt that doesn't have a low cut(crew-cut neck is good, or a longsleeved shirt)

Large body:
Wear black! Black looks great on everyone, but it minimizes your curves.

Beautiful nails

You can tell a lot from just looking at someone's nails. Are they properly groomed? Are they properly cleaned? Are they healthy? You can tell all of this from one glance at a person's hand. If you have weak or dull nails, paint them with a coat of clear nailpolish. This will keep them from tearing or getting stained. For soft cuticles, try soaking them in milk or olive oil for about five minutes. File your nails into the shape that you like them. If you want a freanch maicure, go ahead and paint them! Just remember to take your time. Your not in a race. Now you can look like you just came from a spa!

A natural glow

Clarins just came out with a great glowing self tanning pack. It contains an exfoliater, a tanning gel, and a liuid bronze. This product works extremely well, and it moisturizes it as well. You don't have to go to the beach everyday and burn your skin to look this great!

Mineral makeup review

Mineral makeup has alot of plus sides. It contains all natural ingredients unlike most makeup. It does not damage or stain the skin, and can be removed easily with water and soap. Some mineral powder even contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide which blocks the sun with an SPF of about 20. Mineral makeup also stays on better becuase it is usually in powder form. Not only does it cover up acne, but it helps protect the skin from getting acne as well. When using this product you usually want to only use a little bit. Less is more, and it lasts alot longer than regular makeup!

Shimmer eyeshadow

Shimmer eyeshadow is one of the more popular looks for the summer; clean makeup, pink lips, and a shimmer eyeshadow. Shimmer eyeshadow looks best when you blend blend blend! Make sure that if you use multiple colors you blend them all through. When blending you should always go from the outsides in. This gives the outside of the eye a pop, and brightens up the entire eye.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Great tips for great skin

The skin is an extremely important organ for the body, so we should treat it as such. Healthy skin is one thing that makes women more attractive. Here are some tips to improve yours!

#1 Drink at least a gallon of water a day. You need to hydrate your skin a lot for it to look young and healthy.
#2 Take a multivitamin everyday becuase that will improve your complextion.
#3 Don't pile on the makeup! Wearing too much makeup will clog your pores as well as make them larger. Try to use as little as possible.
#4 Stay out of the sun or wear an SPF of at least 30.
#5 Don't scratch your skin, it will kill cells and clog your pores!
#6 Exfoliate at least twice a week.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Exersize tips

Here are some really important exersize tips:

#1 Always stretch before and after you work out(otherwise you might pull a muscle or get huge muscles which you don't want unless you are trying to get buff!).

#2 If you are trying to lose weight but not get huge muscles then you should do workouts that do not require so much effort that you cannot do it for a long time(the secret to getting thin is working out for a very long time, but you don't do any strenuous exersizes).

#3 Do aerobic exersizes instead of anaerobic.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Diet tip #1, #2, and #3

#1 Drink green tea! Green tea is an excellent matabolism booster, and stops fat from being stored.

#2 Eat more meals, but smaller ones. This will get your body into a habit that you have enough food, and you do not need to store any fat.

#3 Don't eat more than one complex carb at each meal (such as white flour, meat, and potatoes). You body can only digest one complex carb at a time, and if it has trouble it just stores it as MORE fat!

Acne treatments

Acne treatments can cost a handful, but I know some tricks to help remove those pesky pimples without the need of 50$. Try mashing up a clove of garlic and putting it on your acne. You can also try using toothpaste. Put toothpaste on your acne at night, and in the morning it should be gone.

Face masks

If you have a dry face try mashing up a banana, and leave it on your face for about 20 minutes. You can also try using mayonnaise. These will soften your face and leave you looking like a gorgeous goddess!

Home-made teeth whiteners

Alot of celebs use these recipes to whiten their teeth inexspencively.
Brush with one of the following, and whiten your teeth!

1. Strawberries and baking soda

2. Salt and lemon juice

3. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar

4. Bay leaves and orange peal

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another use for the hair straightener

Some of the top hair stylers are using their ceramic hair straighteners for curling hair. It is a neat idea, and gives the hair a natural, wavy, and curly look without the need of a curling iron. You wrap the hair around the straightener to get this look. Go for it, and be creative!

The shiniest lip gloss

The juicy lip is the look that alot of women are going for; shiny, thick, and sheer. The brand that achieves all of this is Lancome. They have so many colors of lip glosses, and all of them look great. Lip gloss jazzes up a look, and transforms you into a head-turning godedss.

Fabulous cream blush

I love cream blush, and I think that everyone should have a great color in their cheeks. Cream blush shines on your cheeks, and doesn't dry it out. It goes on easy with a creamy and soft feeling. My all-time favorite is Clinique's Fresh Bloom Allover Colour. Their brand gives a fresh, rosy, and natural glow to your cheeks.

The best eyelash makeup

You should always use an eyelash curler first before using mascara. It helps build volume and curls them more. My favorite eyelash curler is from Revlon. Revlon has the best beauty supplies for your eyelashes including mascara. Revlon's mascara brings out your eyes, and gives you a beautiful shine.

Fashion Foundation

My favorite foundation is the Dream Matte Mousse that just came out. There are so many colors that you can get that really match your skin tone. It blends in so well, and gives you a healthy glow. Since it is a mousse it lasts a really long time and moistures your skin a bit as well as shines it.