Friday, January 29, 2010

What are some things that I can do for myself?

Girls, we are very hard on ourselves, and we usually spend so much time making other pepole happy, that we completlely forget about ourselves! I wanted to spend some time giving you ideas on how to pamper yourself, even for just an hour or two.

1. Buy candles in your favorite scent and relax! Don't read, don't think, just sit back and give yourself some time.

2. Take a hot bath with scented oils and soaps. It doesn't just feel great, it also cleanses you and replenishes your skin!

3. Spa day at home! Use cucumbers on your eyes, deep condition your hair, and moisturize your entire body. It's extremely rewarding!

4. Make a pot of green tea and play some soft music.

5. Take a nap! When was the last time you had one of those?

6. If anything comes to you, jot it down so you can do something creative with it later. But remember, no thinking about it now! It's time to relax.

7. Turn off everything in your house, and instead light a couple candles and enjoy the effects.

8. Sit by your window with the best view with something hot to drink, and take it in.

9. My favorite thing to do is sitting in a comfy rocking chair with commics. (commics are okay because they're funny and stress-free. On the other hand, a book is out of the question because it makes you think harder than looking at pictures and reading just a few words. Laugh away!)

10. Go swimming or sit in a hot tub. VERY relaxing.

Just a tip: Never read or watch anything while relaxing! The less you think, the more relaxed you are. Just enjoy your time. You can even combine any of the ideas I gave you to get an even greater effect.


Online Medical Transcription said...

Thanks for this info, I really enjoyed reading it!

Tinnitus Causes said...

Candles in the bath is my fav!

Billiards Cues said...

Completely relaxing is something that most people don't take the time to do but is vital to one's health. Thank you for list of different ways to relax!

Meditation is another great way to relax but takes a bit of discipline.

Jesus Silva said...

Ohhh, really nice article...only one thing i disagree, i love to read when i take an hour relaxing in the bathroom...with candle light...